Careers in Software Industry

Careers in Software Industry [ Reference Link ]

While browsing MSN, I found a article entitled Careers in Software Industry written by Amit Bansal.

He said that today there are more requirements for entry level jobs especially in the roles of a developer, networking specialist, tester or support engineer. Choosing a career path in software industry is a tough decision. This article will assist fresh engineering graduates to understand some of the roles and responsibilities of various career options in software industry.

so this article also describes the skills that need to be developed for various roles like

  • Software Programmer
  • Software Test/QA engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Software Support Engineer
  • Technical Support Engineers

The motive of share this link is to expand information about different roles among student so they can easily identify their area where they can perform well.


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An Indian who Living, Loving & Learning Technology with different tastes and willing to share knowledge and thoughts.
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2 Responses to Careers in Software Industry

  1. ankit bhootra says:

    i am a engineer and i don’t like programming..can i go for software implementation???

    • RaviRanjanKr says:

      Sure you can proceed your career in Implementation phase but remember having basic skills in Coding will excel your move in learning Implementation process. Best of Luck 🙂

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