MIT started ‘an automated course’ for Circuits and Electronics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT

The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) is one of the top University across wold has started featured automated online course for free to a virtual community of learners around the world. so its a great chance for learner who want to grab certificate from MIT by free of cost.

The first MITx course, 6.002x (Circuits and Electronics), will be launched in an experimental prototype form. Watch this space for further upcoming courses, which will become available in Fall 2012.

This prototype course will run, free of charge, for students worldwide from March 5, 2012 through June 8, 2012 which is Taught by Anant Agarwal.

Official Websites :-  [ For More Info ]
You can start now :-  Enroll  in 6.002x (Circuits and Electronics)

In addition , you can take a look at Syllabus and Calendar ( from Student Resources )

Syllabus – Syllabus (PDF)
Calender – 6.002X at Glance-Calender(PDF)


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