Travel with Smart mobile application

whenever you plan to travel with your family to get away from normal routine then must Install some smart application in your mobile phones. These application help you by many way. Have a read about feature of some smart applications.

MapmyIndia ShowNearby :
OS – Android, Blackberry, IOS.


Its not easy to find any location in strange or new place but this application will help you to find location by any way. MapymyIndia ShowNearby is a digital navigation location based service which easily Identify query location and help you to give nearby location by its awesome features.
you can use this application while searching Petrol pump,  ATM, Coffee Shop, Ice cream Parlor , Movies and Theaters and Lots of place across India to get fast and accurate result.
It also tell you distance, address and phone no of destination(finding) place as per requirement. with the help of dialer feature by application you can easily call to find.

For More info : mapmyindia
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WiFi Finder

OS – Android, IOS

WiFi Finder

It is one of needed application for a phone. WIFI is an important part of our life and this application enable you to Quickly and easily find FREE or paid Wi-Fi when you travel with the JiWire Wi-Fi Finder for iPhone and iPod Touch.
It can be used as online or offline.

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OS- Windows,  Android, Blackberry, IOS


When you feel hungry while roaming places just use this application to find out restaurants by the name, cuisine or location.
This application gives you a list of restaurant recommendations based on your current location. You can also enter a location and get the list of recommendations. apart it you can also read and write reviews for restaurants.
It can also locate restaurants on the map and view actual pictures of the restaurant before getting there.
For more info : Zomato
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Sabka Traffic

OS- Windows, Android, Blackberry

Sabka Traffic

Its an important application for travellers as well as daily Computer users. if you are planning to go out from your house the you can use this application to find out Traffic information for Indian cities.
Its India’s first real time traffic and incident reporting service.
with the help of this application you can easily find out where traffic is rush or where not. it also help you to choose alternate way to reach your destination.

For More Info : sabkatraffic
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AutoMeterFare India

OS- Android

Auto meter Fare India

This application is also useful for travelers as well as daily computer users.
The purpose of this application is to help auto-rickshaw commuters calculate how much they need to pay as their fare. Often times the rates displayed on the meter or by meter cards are not accurate. This application will help confirm the correct fare.
Now days this application is able to give details of 8 state.  so if you are planning to visit there so this application can be useful for you.

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Google Translator

OS- Windows, Symbian,Android, IOS, Blackberry.

Google Translator

Don’t worry if you are in abroad and you cant communicate with others because of language problem. just pick out phone then  switch on Google Translate and query your words to translate.
Translate text between more than 60 languages.
Translate words and phrases between more than 60 languages using Google Translate for Android.For most languages, you can speak your phrases and hear the corresponding translations.

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OS- Android, Blackberry, IOS


Now you have an entire mall on your mobile phone. With just a few clicks, buy from hundreds of stores – whether it’s travel, entertainment or shopping or participate in promotions or avail your bank’s ATM services. Explore various sections of the ngpay mall to experience unparalleled convenience that comes with round-the-clock access – right at your fingertips.
Visit a store in the travel section to book your air, rail, bus tickets or make hotel reservations. Check out the entertainment stores to buy movie tickets at your favorite cinema and even choose your seats. Buy anything from home appliances, gadgets, books, music, apparel and jewellery to health and beauty products from the brand outlets of your choice. Or even pick up flowers or chocolates and send instant gifts to your loved ones.

For more info :  NGPay
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