Google Doodle Celebrating 166th Birthday of Peter Carl Faberge’s

Google Doodle for Peter Carl Fabergé

This time Google Doodle come with the celebration of Peter Carl Faberge’s 166’th Birthday. Google doodle engineers and designers comely present  a set of six eggs to show all words of Google which is fully design and decorated by golds and Diamonds to give special glimpse of Google Homepage.

Peter Carl Fabergé also known as “Karl Gustavovich Fabergé” was a Russian jeweller who was born 1846. He was best known for the famous Fabergé eggs, made in the style of genuine Easter eggs, but using precious metals and gemstones rather than more mundane materials.

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Have a look at youtube, how Google honor Peter Carl Feberge’s

Have a look at some ornaments designed by Peter Carl

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What is Google Doodle :
Doodles are the fun, surprising and sometimes spontaneous changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries and the lives of famous artists, pioneers and scientists.
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    Inspirational writing. My soul is enlightened by your kind words and warm heart.

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