Got my edX Certificate in Software As A Service.

wow! it feels good to have edX certificate in SAAS(Software as a Service).

Enrolled in edX for SAAS(Software As a Service) CS169.1X. Learned Agile techniques, Cloud development & deployment. Getting affection with Ruby and Rails. Completed Quizzes & plenty of tough assignments. Now Got Certificate. 🙂

Certificate in SAAS offered by University of California, BerkeleyX

I must say it was great experience for me & its not last I’ll keep learning. If you are also passionate about technology and believe in learning then you can (I must say should ) explore yourself with best faculties as well as universities of the World.


About Ravi Ranjan Kumar

An Indian who Living, Loving & Learning Technology with different tastes and willing to share knowledge and thoughts.
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11 Responses to Got my edX Certificate in Software As A Service.

  1. Dhiraj says:

    Congratulation Ravi..!!

  2. Ravi Jha says:

    Congrats dude…

  3. Shagun Mehra says:

    congratulation Ravi Ranjan, I m also taking cs50 are u ??

  4. Rishi says:

    Congo buddy 🙂

  5. Ahmed says:

    Congratulations. Btw do you get a copy of it via post or is it just the soft copy.

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  8. gaurav says:

    should i register for verified course costing me 6 to 7 thousands rs? i searching for a job. will verified certificate help in india?

    • gaurav says:

      i mean shud i waste this much money . ? is it worth?

    • Well I am not perfect person to answer these question. BTW here I am going to highlight something what I’ve read somewhere else..
      I found this interview of Anant Agarwal, edX President talking about the edX model and its effect on education.

      Here is an excerpt from his interview which directly relates to your question.

      Q – Certificates will be offered to students who excel, but will these be recognised when they go to look for a job?
      A – We are talking to employers, and in polls that we have done, the indication we have received is that employers will be willing to grant interviews to students that have displayed very strong credentials in these online learning courses.

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