Now an MSP(Microsoft Student Partner)

Hi friends.. It has been a while since I have been blogging! my sincerest apologies for not keeping in touch because of some personal Issues and some other works. Well there have been quite a few nice things which have changed over the past months. The good one is that I am now a Microsoft Student Partner and I am the only one from my University.

It was three round that need to be completed to be an MSP and by GOD grace! I completed all rounds by crossing every hurdle on my way and finally got rewarded as an MSP. so love you my GOD for your support and I better know you love me also !!  🙂

I would like to say special thanks to all my friends, my well-wishers and ofcourse many thanks to Microsoft India to give me such a wonderful opportunity.

My best wishes and Happy new year to all of you..  🙂


About Ravi Ranjan Kumar

An Indian who Living, Loving & Learning Technology with different tastes and willing to share knowledge and thoughts.
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