EdX: What are the differences between CS50x (Harvard) or 6.00x (MIT)?

Answer by Ravi Ranjan Kumar on Quora:
Well.. both courses are designed for novice or beginner so there is no difference in manner of programming experience and knowledge. The only difference is about languages and course structure. In 6.00x(MIT) you will learn about programming concept with very popular Python language where as in cs50x(Harvard) you will get chance to learn same concepts with different languages like C, PHP, and JavaScript plus SQL, CSS, and HTML. apart it I must say that cs50x(Harvard) is little bit complex to learn in comparison to 6.00x(MIT).

Which of them take more time?
cs50x(Harvard) but you should not worry bcz Harvard let you free from due dates for problem solving. you can submit whenever you got time before fixed date.

Which is more practical in real life?
its very difficult to answer.. but I think cs50x(Harvard) is more practical because it composes less theoretical and give focus on more practical with different programming languages and patterns.

Which have the best teacher ?
Both(No doubt)… for 6.00x I loved learning with Eric Grimson.. he is just an awesome teacher and he has great quality of teaching. you will just everything when you will go through his lectures.

What do you recommend ?
I suggest you go with cs50x first then you can try 6.00x. both are fabulous course and you will learn a lot.

I learned 6.00x(MIT first batch of edx) and I must say that I enjoyed very much. Happy Learning…

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