Now done with edx 6.00x

Hey Friends! so yet another chance I got to grab the edx certificate. This time it was edX – 6.00x(Introduction to Computer Science and Programming) by MITx.  Actually I completed this course in last month but I haven’t gotten enough time around to posting it until now.

Well its obvious to know how it happened ?

It was September month when I registered for 6.00x(MITX) to learn one of the popular course by MIT which is Introduction to Computer Science and Programming. Being an MSP(Microsoft Student Partner) and Master degree student its very difficult for me to get some extra time for something else but  I decided to manage some extra time and put myself to excel my knowledge with MIT professors. Initially I was not happy with lectures(because Python was new for me) but very soon I felt that I am enjoying the course. Its been hours of concentration, learning every single day. Learned development with python language. Infact getting affection with python. As it is said Hard work always paid of so resulting I able to score 92%(pretty happy because last time I scored only 60 in SAAS course) and now got certificate. Click Me! to view progress report. 🙂

MITx 6.00x certificate by edx.

MITx 6.00x certificate by edx.

Most of my friends asked me “is there any value of edx certificate in market ?” and I always say to them with smiley face that look my friends certificate doesn’t matter everywhere, anytime. If some one really want to grab quality education at free of cost then I must say edx is recommended for them. I strongly believe “learning is the beginning of wealth and the secret of success is one and only learning”. 

At the end of this post I must say – it was great experience once again for me & its not last I’ll keep learning. If you are also passionate about technology and believe in learning then you can explore yourself with best universities of the World.

Happy Learning 🙂


About Ravi Ranjan Kumar

An Indian who Living, Loving & Learning Technology with different tastes and willing to share knowledge and thoughts.
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4 Responses to Now done with edx 6.00x

  1. NIsh says:

    I was wondering when they issued the certificate for you, as my course has closed since about two weeks ago and I also had completed all the relevant coursework, however, still not received the certificate of mastery. Please let me know how long after you received yours. Thank you.

  2. gaurav says:

    should i register for verified course costing me 6 to 7 thousands rs? i searching for a job. will verified certificate help in india?

  3. pilTrader says:

    Hey! congratulations for this. I am now registered in this course but a bit late. Course officially stared way back Feb 2014 but I was able to register just 2 days ago. 1st quiz is now closed and I was not able to take since I’m in week 1 (2 lectures) and the quiz covers upto lecture 7. I lost 25% of the grade.

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