Unable to Purchase ADD-ONS from Windows Azure Store.

I faced a problem while accessing Add-ONS from Windows Azure store and got weird message stating that I can not purchase. If you’ve also attempted to access the Store (by choosing Add-ons > Purchase Add-ons) from Windows Azure Management Portal and got warning messaging like “The subscription you select are not currently available for purchase in your region. Additionally, the store is not available to users who have an Enterprise Agreement.”  then you don’t need to worry about error message. This is all happening because Azure store is still in preview, so it does only open several number of regions which means your region is not in the list and In preview it doesn’t support Enterprise Agreement subscriptions.


Question : who can purchase and what country is active for Azure store service(during preview ) ?
Solution : right now(during Preview) the Azure Store is available only in the United States.

For more Information, Please check Windows Azure Store FAQ


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One Response to Unable to Purchase ADD-ONS from Windows Azure Store.

  1. bob says:

    May’14 MS is enabled store purchase for EA customers too.

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